Saturday, June 5, 2010

Getting Rid of Acne Problems Without Harmful Chemicals Or Pills

I suffer from acne for years. You ruined my confidence, destroyed my chances with the girls and sent me a "geek", aside from my personality. I've spent a lot of energy and chemicals are a great effort in the face and form of pills. Most provide only temporary relief, while others make the problem worse.

Some strong acids actually more damage to the face to heal. They did not just destroy acne bacteria but also damage and epidermal layers of the skin. This will make your face look redder, more irritated and worse in general.

After doing much research on this topic, I know the truth behind the acne. I'm trying to figure out what the real cause of acne, not just treat it as a side effect. Acne is caused by dry skin!

Yes, most people with acne have oily skin. Then you ask me, why I say that acne is caused by dry skin?

Well, when your skin feels dry, more oil production in an effort to hydrate better and provide assistance. Unfortunately, the oil clogs the pores and allows bacteria to feed on it. Your immune system attacks the bacteria and becomes inflamed and irritated.

To get rid of acne, you should moisturize your face properly. Do your own research, in accordance with your budget in a good moisturizer. I really recommend investing at least U.S. $ 30-40 for quality moisturizer that will last a month. Use at least twice daily, once in the morning, once before bedtime.

When the skin hydrated, the body does not produce oil in such a large amount. This will reduce the bacteria that live in your face, acne, less or may even disappear altogether!

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