Wednesday, June 9, 2010

If You Have Acne Problem, You Must Know It!

1. Sometimes the surface of the skin pores become clogged, acne can occur. Each capsule contains a pore of hair and oil lines. When the glands produce excess oil, clogged pores, and then collects dirt and bacteria.

2. A Whitehead or imprisoned may occur. At rest, the material inside can spread to surrounding areas and cause inflammatory reactions. The pimples may enlarge to form cysts cause pain.

3. Acne occurs mainly on the face and shoulders, arms, legs and buttocks.

4. Especially the young people develop acne due to hormonal changes, but actually, acne can occur at any age. Even babies can develop acne.

5. Acne is hereditary. Triggers are hormonal changes, pregnancy, birth control pills, stress, cosmetics or washing greasy hair and other products and some medicines.

6. This is a myth that chocolate, nuts, candy and other some causes of acne. There are no studies to confirm.

7. Some of the symptoms of acne: pimples, rashes, skin rash capsule, latex, red skin around the healing and acne.

8. The rash may affect the face, neck, arms, shoulders and chest. Sometimes, unfortunately, can leave a bad sign.

9. Scars can be a cause for concern and often cause serious complications. To leave no scars, and has perfect skin, you must find the right treatment and acne scars acne treatment.

10. Almost all cases of acne can be resolved.

11. Medications can improve and even eliminate acne scars. Skin care is very important. In addition to acne is a problem that affects the skin, such as rosacea, dry skin, oily skin, weakness.

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