Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Incidence Causes Acne

1. Hormones. Hormones are the main cause of acne is the production of sex hormones known as androgens, which began at puberty. This perfectly explains why most acne sufferers are teenagers. Hormones are key actors for acne flare-ups during menstruation and pregnancy.

2. Oral contraceptives. Start or stop taking birth control pills can cause acne.

3. When sebaceous glands are activated by androgens, it manufactures additional sebum. In the course of offering up the follicle to the surface, conmingles sebum dead skin cells and bacteria from the skin to be removed from the follicle layer. This process is completely normal, but the presence of more sebum in the follicle increases the likelihood of obstruction occurs, and then causes acne.

4. Stress. In certain circumstances tense, stress can cause the production of hormones such as cortisol, which can aggravate acne conditions. Stress puts into affect the levels of various hormones. When these hormone levels change command in the body of the oil glands of the skin to expand, and then took extra oil. This chain of "events" causes black heads, white heads and acne.

5. Oily or heavy makeup. Heavy makeup has the ability to clog pores, while oily make-up add additional oil, which can only contribute to the problem if oily skin already exists. Cosmetics to avoid are certain moisturizers, ointments, including carrying Vaseline, oleic acid, vegetable oil, lanolin, butyl stearate, and lauryl alcohol.

6. Lithium, like other drugs that cause acne.

7. Cosmetics. greasy cosmetics may alter follicle cells and keeps them together, this produces a plug.

8. Too high a dose of the vitamin. Vitamins are good for a healthy body, but take advantage of vitamin B1, B6 and B12 can cause acne outbreaks. These vitamins are good for the skin looks healthy, but avoid overuse.

9. Diet. A diet high in carbohydrates and sugars can actually aggravate acne condition in some people.

10. More abrasive cleaning. harsh scrubs can actually harm your skin and spread infections.

11. Select and milking. It is difficult to resist the action can send more infections in the skin and cause scarring occurs.

12. Environmental factors such as high humidity and pollution. High humidity causes the skin to swell. Pollution is bad not only for skin but for your overall health.

13. Gene. Family members can be acne sufferers. In this case, acne inherited. For example, cystic acne generally comes from heredity. "

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